Enhanced Animal Wellbeing

Enhanced Animal Wellbeing


I always have been an animal lover starting with my childhood cat, Missounette, who was sleeping with me every night. So, it was natural for me when I became a massage therapist to use my skills to help animals. Through my nearly fifteen years of experience I have found that cats and dogs are very receptive to Energy Bodywork.   

Vinny Seven months old, suffering from FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

Seven months old, suffering from FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

What is Healing Bodywork?               

Energies, electromagnetic and other more subtle energies, form the infrastructure of the physical body. The body needs its energies to move freely, in specific patterns and to be balanced in order to recover from diseases and traumas and to maintain vibrant health. This is a non invasive approach that can be done at home and can be incorporated to traditional treatments. During the sessions I balance the animal energy using different techniques: acupressure (light pressure and holding on the same points used in acupuncture), energy clearing, light massage and others. Animals provide imediate feedback when they are touched. I tune into them when I work and adjust touch and location paying attention to their reactions, breathing and movements.

What can Healing Bodywork help with?       

Pearl Ten years old, enjoying her relaxing massage.

Ten years old, enjoying her relaxing massage.

  • Post-surgical care.
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Trauma.
  • Cancer.
  • Arthritis.
  • General malaise.

Healing Bodywork aids in the healing process and has restorative benefits.

The sessions do not replace veterinary care, and I always welcome communications with my four legged clients doctors. Like for humans, Healing Bodywork is complementary to traditional medicine. It does not diagnose conditions or treat injuries. If in doubt about your animal’s health please contact your veterinarian.

About Marie-Christine:

I have been a Massage Therapist since 1994, and an Energy Bodyworker since 2002. My animal specific training include Canine Massage, theory and practice ( November 2002) and Small Animal Introduction to Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine (June 2012).

I do pro bono healing bodywork with animal rescues. I am an active advocate in my community for TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return) for cats. In early 2017, I co-founded CPAW NJ a new  501c3 dedicated to promoting a humane approach to animal welfare and protecting the human/animal bond by being the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves.



  • Individual sessions for companion animals in home or at my office.
  • Pet parents classes “How to massage your dog or cat”. Individually or in groups, in home, in my office or virtually.


For more information or to make an appointment call 973-568-0878 or email.                                                                                                      



” Our eight year old cockapoo was experiencing painful back spasms. We brought Gemma to Marie-Christine who gently massaged her. Gemma was totally relaxed in Marie-Christine’s hands. Not only did this treatment help Gemma feel better but Marie-Christine taught us how to administer treatment ourselves. We have used these techniques to prevent further problems and when we see that Gemma might be experiencing some back pain. I would highly recommend Marie-Christine’s services.”                                                   Margaret M., Montclair, NJ            


” Marie-Christine is a compassionate, gentle, and highly trained energy healer. With my animal rescue, she has helped many severely injured, ill and abused cats on their road to recovery…and they are at ease and appreciative of her healing touch. She is very intuitive and able to read where the pet requires the most energy work – quite a special gift. Her energy work has helped in pain management, accelerate healing of trauma and provide calming, soothing relief to many lives.”                                  

                                                                                                         Kelley P., Montclair, NJ



” My 16 year old cat Tabitha has an open cancer at her belley. She’s losing weight and felt very tired and sick. Her appetite is still quite good and she has no pain, but I feel that she will got to the bridge very soon.

Couple of weeks ago I thought that she wanted to leave me, but I’m very sick on my own and wanted to wait for my daughter (who was not in Germany at this time) to go to the vet. So I had to wait until she would be back. Quite desesperated I told Marie-Christine about my tough and difficult situation. She asked if I would be fine if she would try to help Tabitha to feel a bit better until my daughter would be back. I send her pictures of my fury baby and she started to work on her mighty energy sessions. I’ve never thought that this will work. No other contacts as via messenger and with sending actual pictures of Tabitha. But after two days already Tabitha felt better. Her mood was better and she started to walk around and check her garden and her environment again.

Marie-Christine is working since about four weeks with Tabitha and I do have a different cat. Of course she will go to the bridge this year, but she has no pain so far and she feels much better according to circumstances. The next step we will try is to skype with her to work on Tabitha in personal and directly and I can’t wait what will happen than. I’m just grateful for what she has done already and I know right now that her energy can overcome borders and long distances.

                                                     Christa-Maria Prasch, Duisubrg ,Germany



“My first encounter with Marie-Christine was through a mutual friend who asked her for help with a severely injured kitten. It was very obvious that she is a gifted healing masseuse.- the little cat always responded and felt better when Marie-Christine had been doing healing bodywork for her. To this day, our mutual friend avails herself of Marie-Christine services.

On a personal note- I also have a rescue cat -, Marie-Christine offered her help on a remote basis. We skyped. Immediately, I noticed a definite connection with her and my cat Tallulah. Tallulah is one of the most scared beings I have ever seen and after her sessions with Marie-Christine, she was calmer, more relaxed. I still carry on the exercises Marie-Christine suggested. I cannot praise her abilities high enough – our lives with Tallulah are richer as a result.

                                                            Claudia F. , Bexleyheath, UK

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