Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) is a specialized ¬†therapeutic method which uses slow, light, rhythmic strokes that helps the body increase the lymph circulation and decrease edema (excess fluid). Developed in the 1930s for the treatment of chronic sinusitis and other immune disorders, it is now part of CDT (Complete Decongestive Therapy) which the golden standard for treatment of lymphedema.” Lymphedema… is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system…” Wikipedia.¬†Lymphedema can be primary as someone is born with a compromised lymphatic system or secondary as compromised by surgery or radiation during cancer treatments. MLD will help move the fluid from the compromised area to an area with healthy lymphatics.

Benefits of MLD are:

  • Relief of pain, discomfort and feeling of pressure.
  • Regional drainage support.
  • Deep relaxation.
  • Reduction of post-traumatic and post surgical swelling.
  • Relief from migraine and sinus headache.
  • Amelioration of fibromyalgia symptoms.

I am trained in the Vodder Method for MLD.

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