Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

My therapeutic massage sessions are tailored to the client’s needs and concerns. Using a combination handsof modalities and strokes I adjust the pressure according to the client’s goals whether it is relaxation, pain reduction, restoration or maintenance of muscle tone or other issues. I believe that a massage session should enhance the body’s ability to heal itself and that the process should be pleasurable and relaxing. Only by “tuning” into the body and reacting to what I feel under my hands can that be accomplished. I call it massaging smarter not harder!

” I had been having unexplained pain radiating up the left side of my chest. Of course, heart trouble was my first concern. After consulting with my physician, I was sent for a battery of tests with a cardiologist and a chest X-ray. Fortunately, everything was negative. However, I still had the pain. My chiropractor recommended massage in case the issue was muscular-skeletal. Immediately after seeing Marie-Christine, the constant, stabbing pain was gone. She’s a miracle worker.”

                                                         Lisa R., Upper Montclair, NJ


 ” As a person with Parkinson’s, massage is important to maintain the quality of my life. While I was initially skeptical, I have also came to appreciate how Marie-Christine’s energy work extends the benefit of the massage and provides longer lasting relief from my symptoms. Simply put, my life would be diminished without Marie-Christine’ healing hands and spirit.”

                                                                Stanford L. Brown, Montclair, NJ

” Having tried a variety of massage practitioners over the 25+ years that I have lived in Montclair, I can honestly say that Marie-Christine is by far the most sensitive and skilled. And I find her knowledge of the body to be amazing. That knowledge combines with her gentle presence and dedication to her profession makes every visit not only an experience of deep relaxation for me but also a unique learning experience. And I especially appreciate the calm atmosphere that she creates.

Also as a truly dedicated professional, Marie-Christine is always eager to share the health improving practices and techniques that she is acquiring in her own ongoing professional development as in the case of the Energy Medicine Techniques now included in her practice.

All this adds up to the most important things I look for in a massage therapist. Professional competence, integrity that shows and sincere warmth in an atmosphere of complete trust. I find I never leave a massage session with Marie-Christine without thinking: Wow! not only do I feel like a new woman but I just learned something I had not known about my body”

                                                                                     Eileen Frances, Montclair, NJ

” I’ve often told Marie-Christine that she has magic in her hands. More important, in my opinion, are the compassion, understanding and knowledge – combined to create another kind of magic – one finds in each massage/energy medicine session with this exceptionally talented woman. No matter how stressed or how calm I might be when I enter Marie-Christine’s studio, I always leave with a renewed spirit and tranquil mind. And this, of course, translates to a healthier body.

“I often recommend Marie-Christine to friends and colleagues, I have given gift certificates to my children, and most recently to a good friend as she was going through chemotherapy.”

                                                                                                       DLD, Millburn, NJ

“The combination of massage and energy work provides optimal relaxation while freeing the body of stresses and imbalances. I look forward to every session! “

                                                                                             Marilyn T., Caldwell, NJ

Contact Marie-Christine at 973-568-0878 or email

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