Introduction to Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Stretching is one of the most useful activities we can do for our bodies but still a very small amount of us are doing it. Why? it is kind of boring, sometimes it hurts and most of the time people think that they don’t really need it.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is different from other stretching techniques in many ways. This method was created by Aaron Mattes  over 30 years ago. Mattes is a registered Kinesiotherapist and Licensed Massage Therapist . 

It is a gentle form of stretching which isolate each muscle and stretch it using the body properties. This method is an active form of stretching meaning that the person whose muscles are stretched is an active participant. It is highly efficient and very safe.

  • Muscles are stretched one at the time in a specific order. 
  • The stretch is done by utilizing the body property which allow stretching of  one muscle by contracting the antagonist muscle. Antagonist means doing the opposite. As an example you stretch the hamstrings by contracting the quadriceps. 
  • The stretch is held only for 2 seconds so the stretch reflex is not engaged and there is no risk of injuries.
  • Breathing is involved so oxygen goes into the muscle tissue.

In the workshop I will explain in detail the technique and will teach stretches for the most important upper and lower body muscles. I will demonstrate the stretches and every participant will be able to practice. The group size will be a maximum of 6 people.

Coming Dates:

Saturday November 4, 2017: 2-3 pm

Price: $30.00


Do you prefer to learn in your home? I will travel in Montclair and adjoining towns. I can give you a private instruction or you can gather a group of friends. Call me at 973-568-0878 for availability and prices.