Qigong for Breast Health


Qigong for Breast Health

Qigong is an ancient self-healing art of energy work practiced in China. From the Chinese Medicine perspective, before physical problems appear, they first occur at the energy level, which is precisely where Qigong works. This workshop is designed to teach Wu Ming Qigong movements that can unblock energy flow in the vital meridians that run through the breast area, therefore supporting breast health.

The workshop is for everyone. It teaches a gentle form of self-care useful for those who have experienced breast cancer, as well as for those who have not. Both women and men can benefit. If you are currently diagnosed and/or in treatment for cancer, I do require that you check with your health care provider before registering.

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Saturday October 21, 2017: 1-2:30pm    ,     Monday October 30, 2017: 9:30-11:00am

This is a one session workshop so pick the date which is best for you.

Price: $ 35.00     If you take this workshop with the  Breast Self-massage for Breast Health workshop you will get a $10.00 off the total price.

Location: 103 Park Street, Suite 2 C, Montclair, NJ

To register: call 973-568-0878 or email massageappt@verizon.net

Marie-Christine can also give the workshop in your house, church, office or community  center (minimum number of participants required). Call or email for more information.


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